Adding a URL view

Know your UX

Nowux is an app that aims to simplify the process of gathering data from prototypes/tests and converting that into insight from your mobile phones.

Is it online test it!

We kept it simple, as long your prototype is online you can record it, we wanted this way because then you could either test your prototype or get insight on real events, for example: “how do you know how warm it is?” then give them google and see what they do.

We’ll clean it up

We sort your content by recent, the common URL and platform you used, so that you can browse your content the way you feel more comfortable with.

Home view

This is the beginning

This is the base of the app, there are multiple features we want to add, but we want to know if you want them to, reach out for us in Spectrum, we are listening

We wont look at your stuff

Everything is stored on your phone, we rather give you the control of your content than it is hosted elsewhere.